The 300SL Roadster Portfolio Slide Show


1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

Chassis No. 7500293
Engine No. 7500305

Production of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster was initiated in response to the American demand for the sport driving style of the 300SL Coupe, but with an open top and easier entry than was allowed by the distinctive, if less convenient, 'gullwing' doors. The Roadster was introduced to the public in the Spring of 1957 at the Geneva auto show. While a good number of orders were placed after its debut, by 1963 production had dwindled down to a mere 26. The total number manufactured was only 1,858. The 300SL Roadster was marketed as a convertible, with the hardtop available as an option. A two-piece luggage set, conforming to the trunk space, was also a factory option.

Chassis 7500293 was the 293rd chassis of the 500 Roadsters built in 1957. Our first association with this car was in 1993 when we brokered the purchase and sale. The client then sent the car to his favorite body shop, where it was disassembled in preparation for restoration. The car remained there for almost 20 years in favor of this enthusiast’s other projects.

In 2011 the Roadster came to our workshop for a complete body, mechanical, and interior restoration. As would have been typical at the time of its manufacture, the owner chose a color palette from the Mercedes-Benz factory options. This elegant Roadster, in 180G Silver with the deep blue interior, glows with this classically beautiful 300SL color combination. Fortunately, we still had in stock a few hydes of the no-longer-available Roser leather in 354 Blue to complete the authentic restoration.

The Mercedes-Benz 300SL roadster with its 240 b.h.p. fuel injection engine, is one of the world's finest and fastest sports cars.

Mercedes-Benz Ltd. 1950s UK print ad